Saturday, January 23, 2010

A week in the eyes of a Demoralized Liberal, to know it is all over

Waking up a Year Later with Everything turned Upside down.

You almost have to feel sorry for the liberals. A year ago Obama had a 60% approval rating, Democrats were trusted more than Republicans on almost all issues and they had a huge democrat majority in congress. Yet now they must wake up each morning knowing it's all been lost, and wondering how it happened. To most liberals it all went bad this past week. They were sure that Martha Coakley would pull it out in the Massachusetts Senate race over Scott Brown. They were sure that some sort of health reform plan would pass shortly after that. But Tuesday night their hopes that elected democrats led by Obama would pull through were crushed. And frustrated liberals/progressives blame the Democrat leadership including Obama for swinging to the right contrary to most voters opinion.

Ted Kennedy's Dream becomes liberal's (and Obama's) worst Nightmare

Tuesday night, the day before the one year anniversary of Obama being sworn in as president, Democrats lost the Ted Kennedy Massachusetts senate seat in a special election. This was after president Obama flew up the Sunday before election day to campaign for her. And the main issue that Republican Scott Brown ran on was stopping Obama-care(as well as other Obama initiatives), something Obama never mentioned in his speech. This was the big story all over the country even before the election. Elected Democrats all over the country were asked by the media (that biased MSM) : "What went wrong?". The day after the Massachusetts election loss, President Obama gave a press conference where he explained that the problem was that he had not spent enough time 'educating' the American people on why they were wrong about their (Democrat's) accomplishments.

Government takeover of Health care : The end of a Dream

The election loss came at a time when the White House was trying to broker a deal between the House and Senate; each of which passed completely different health reform bills. In reality this was a near impossible job even with the 60 vote majority in the Senate. But to the liberal masses and most others(except me), passage of a health reform bill was inevitable. After all, Obama , Pelosi and Reid told us over and over it was going to happen. But the election loss changed all that. Not only did Senate democrats loose their 60 seat filibuster majority, but now scores of democrats in congress were terrified of losing their seats in the coming 2010 midterm elections. The Obama-democratic dream of creating a new entitlement died Tuesday night. To democrats and many others, the MA election ended it all.

In spite of the death of the dream, House liberals, who played a large part in the health reform passage failure by demanding a government funded public option; are still talking about passing the House bill in the Senate (51 votes) using Senate budget reconciliation rules. This is something they talked about since July 2009 and it never was possible because Budget Reconciliation applies only to changing existing funding levels or existing taxes of provisions in a passed bill, not adding regulations or new programs. Basically, they can't admit 'The Dream' is over. (I call this 'The prayer for the Dead'.)

One group you could pity is those Democrats in congress who voted for a bill because they were promised over and over that the 'final' health reform bill would fix any problems in either of the two passed bills. They wasted ten months and had to stomach other states getting embarrassing bribes their states didn't, defended secret closed door meetings, unpopular mandates, tea party protests, angry town hall meetings and voters at home; and then after finally passing two bills with passage seeming so close to many, they watched it die in front of their eyes. Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson and his wife were chased out of a local pizza restaurant by Nebraska voters over anger for his support.

Losing a lone liberal Voice too?

One would think that this was enough for democrats to have to face in a single week. But the same (this past) week Air America closed up shop being out of money and funding. Their gravy train was G.W. Bush and he was out of office a year leaving little enthusiasm for Obama cheerleader.

Government versus Free Speech : A win for Free Speech terrifies liberals

Something else happened this week that got the liberals in a tizzy. The Supreme Court ruled in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission that corporations and unions running ads against elected politicians and candidates was constitutionally protected speech. While this was seen as a free speech victory by republicans, liberals saw this decision as the end of the country. On MSNBC, liberal talk radio (still a few stations out there) and libs blogs it was reported over and over that those rich evil corporations that Obama has been bravely fighting would take complete control of our elected officials (like the movie Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and that our democracy has ended. Apparently we are all mindless drones that believe anything we see in a commercial. What these left wing talkers neglected to tell their audiences was these unconstitutional federal regulations were regulating OUR speech against politicians, as well as businesses and unions. But what is really killing democrats about this decision is that their whole populist theme blaming businesses for the countries problems, and threatening taxes and takeovers, companies can now run ads against them in the November elections. These are the same elections that they were expected a backlash against elected Democrats.

Imagine the pain that Liberals must feel now

Yes, a year ago Democrats thought they would re-invent the country, and exactly a year later they woke up in hell with it all slipping out of their fingers. Today, pat a liberal on the back and say : "Better luck next time". And then have a good laugh. Because it is just going to get much worse for them.