Thursday, February 11, 2010

Democrats: The Party of 'Just blame Bush' ??

Is this what they meant by 'Hope and Change' ?

I have many complaints about Bush's presidency but Obama's 'blaming Bush' excuses are getting old fast. It's been over a year and Obama can't open his mouth without blaming Bush before giving us his new set of transparent talking points. Is this what they meant by 'Hope and Change' ?

When 'No' is the winning theme

Democrats poll tested a phrase they used since early 2009 : "Republicans are the party of No". This Democrat strategy doesn't look as good now as it did a year ago when popular support of Obama's assumed policies were polling high. Republicans saying 'No' has now won Virginia, New Jersey and the liberal Ted Kennedy stronghold Massachusetts from Democats. But Obama and Democrats still act like the strategy is a winner. I still remember the Democrats acting as the party of 'No' to GWB and Republicans for the years they were in power and it paid off with their two major election wins. Now that they are in power, are Democrats just the party of 'Just Blame Bush'.

Can Democrats survive without Bush?

It's been over a year and Obama is still blaming Bush every day! Democrats are a one trick pony, and that trick is GW Bush. Bush's name helped democrats win the 2006 midterm election and then the 2008 election so it no surprise they would miss him. But how can they have the White House and huge majorities in congress for over a year and still have their main act blaming Bush for their failures? Are Democrats the Party of 'Just blame Bush' ?? After a humiliating Senate special election defeat Obama gave a state of the union address where he started out blaming Bush. Now to re-moralize democrats Obama went out on the road on his "Just Blame Bush tour" set of town hall meetings.

Obama's "Just Blame Bush" tour

Obama's "Just Blame Bush" tour has three main messages :
1) "We made everything better but you can't tell because it's Bush’s fault. We created millions of jobs even though you don't know anyone getting hired. Believe us on the economy instead of your lying eyes".
2)"Every deficit we run up will be Bushes fault". (Notice he never warns us he will later blame Bush for their failure and deficits while selling his reforms/programs)
3) "Republicans are the party of ‘No’ who blocked our great reforms and have nothing to offer " (Ironically Republicans are voting NO on the huge spending bills creating the deficits that Obama is blaming on Bush.)
4) "We have more handouts (er tax credits) for you that will ‘fix’ the economy we already fixed with the 900B $ stimulus" (Wink, wink) . Don't worry, we will blame this debt on Bush too."

Things may be getting worse, but they could be even worse than they are getting

Obama claims great accomplishments since being in office. Yet everything seems to be getting worse. Unemployment has skyrocketed along with the deficit after his massively expensive economic recovery plan. Gasoline prices have risen dramatically. Terrorists are getting on planes with weapons flying in US airspace again. We were promised that these things would be improved with Obama's policies but they don't seem to be. Instead we keep on hearing about how all these problems would be even worse than they are now without Obama, with all the current problems are because of Bush. Given this daily repeated (unverifiable ) excuse, how could we ever know if Democrats policies are improving things?

The Terrorists were Supposed to Love us

We were lectured for years that the Bush strategy of detaining Islamic terrorists and interrogating them for wartime intelligence was recruiting terrorists. This implies that the reason why there are terrorists is because we interrogate them. So Obama promises to close Guantanamo prison and give the terrorists lawyers and demonstrate to some of the worst blood thirsty killers our humanity. Yet on Christmas Eve a member of Al-Qaeda attempted a bombing attack on an passenger aircraft and was almost successful. When does the Obama love start working on these killers that hate us?

The Economic Recovery that never happened

This bill was nothing more than a huge liberal Christmas wish list: government jobs, expanded welfare, costly mandates on states, huge deficits (the bill costing 900B alone) while promising future taxes on small businesses. It was like they were planning a job killing bill while calling it a jobs bill. Later they told us about all these new jobs created or saved that never existed. Even the phony number of jobs created or saved (1/2 to 2 million) divided into the amount spent calculates to about 200-300K $ per 40 K$ job. Polls now show that most Americans think the money was wasted. They did use some of the money for road signs that ask you to thank Obama for the stimulus. (I think they actually said "The project was funded by the ...")

Was this all part of Obama's plan?

One question will linger forever. This question is : Did Obama and Democrats actually believe all this government spending, national debt and attacking businesses would create private sector jobs? (claimed by mentor progressive economist Paul Krugman.) Or did they really think they could keep the country in depression forever , and be the ones with the handouts with mandates, as our slave owners, and get away with blaming Bush for it forever? I call this the Roosevelt dream. The problem with a strategy like this is Roosevelt had complete control of the message, there was no Fox News Channel, talk radio or Internet to explain what Democrats are doing in the 1930s. I know liberals who told me a year ago they would blame Bush for eight years for a bad economy, and they old me they thought the voters would too. Yet some liberals seem perplexed that the economy hasn't recovered yet. The 'jobs' that never materialized remind me of liberals claiming they 'know' that Bush lied about WMDs. Did Bush really think America wouldn't care when there were no WMDs found as liberals claim. Did Obama lie when he told us the economic stimulus recovery bill would create jobs? Did Obama plan on voters blaming Bush for his depression forever?

Bush killed your Health Reform (the Government run Obama-care)

This claim about Bush from democrats amazes me most. After the Scott Brown MA Senate election win Obama spokesman came out and claimed the Brown victory (against Democrats and Obama care) was due to anger and frustration against Bush policies. Heck, who would have thought that Bush would be the one to save us from Obama-care when out of office and saying nothing on the subject? And now Obama wants a health reform summit to blame Republicans for his troubles and failure to pass a bill. This is of course another cynical political trick.

The Forever Bush Deficit

When Bush ran for office the deficit was small and he even criticized the current deficits. Once in office he found it politically expedient to run up deficits increasing spending greatly while cutting taxes (naturally, we all loved that right?) Then the housing bubble blew up leaving debt, recession and bailouts. There is plenty of blame to go around for this disaster but Bush got all the blame and Republicans lost another election.

Obama and Democrats saw this as an opportunity to run up national deficits and debts beyond anyone's comprehension and then blame them on Bush. The Obama/Pelosi 900B stimulus debt that got only three Republican votes is blamed on Bush by them. The Democrats recently rushed through a bill to increase the national Debt before new Republican Senator Scott Brown was seated. Yet Obama blames this new debt on Bush. Obama is asking congress for millions of dollars to try terrorists in civilian courts outside of military courts, contrary to Bush established procedures and ignoring a system created by congress, and he is blaming the debt required to pay for this on Bush too. In spite of his massive spending spree opposed by elected republicans just saying 'No', Obama is claiming he needs a bi-partition committee to make recommendations on the best way (middle class tax increases wink-wink) to fix the Bush deficits he inherited.

Summary :

Democrats ARE the Party of 'Just Blame Bush' ! What a bunch of losers. Hope and Change was a bunch of crap.