Friday, November 27, 2009

Not a happy Thanksgiving for libs at DU

You folks remember a year ago Thanksgiving 2008? Liberals were celebrating, conservatives were commiserating about the end of the world. Well a year later and it is not a very happy Thanksgiving for our Liberal/Progressive friends. Before I brighten your day here's a little comment I posted the day after election 2008 :

"Come January Obama’s days of gaining anybody is over. The whole game changes, the demon GWB is out, Pelosi/ Obama is in. Come January their party is over as all cameras are on them. And we reunite after many years in a common cause (finally) with the resistance. Our curse GWB/McCain is lifted, from darkness comes the light. "

At: 6 posted on Wednesday, November 05, 2008 11:26:19 PM by sickoflibs ( Where were McCain's moderates and illegals on election day?)

Now check out this DU post the other day (entire post at link):

"The calendar has come around again to Thanksgiving, and families all over the country will be gathering around dinner tables to celebrate. Or try to, anyway. With unemployment above ten percent, and with actual unemployment closer to twenty percent, with foreclosures all over the place, with wages dropping and food prices rising, with the economy improving only for those who have lots of money, there will be millions of people without a whole hell of a lot to feel thankful for."

Ten months after the inauguration of Barack Obama, those "Yes We Can" and "Hope" slogans have begun to ring more than a little hollow...

Speaking of domestic policy, the much-ballyhooed push to reform America's health care system has gone completely sideways in the hands of Congress people bought off by insurance and pharmaceutical industries, and in the hands of a president who demanded change but has taken three steps back for every one step forward. The result looks to be a watered down farce of a bill that could very well make matters even worse than they already are.

All we as Americans can do is work to push these elected officials away from the abyss they have us teetering over, and hope that there will be something to be thankful for next year. For now, however, just about everything before us is either worse or exactly as bad as it was before. Not much to be thankful about here.

At : DU post Nov 27th 2009: Oh Fa Chrissake...Unhappy Thanksgiving

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