Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Support Progressives Defeating Obama-care

Senate Deal ?? This is getting dangerously close. The House passed something, now the Democrat Senate leadership and Obama says they have abandoned both a public option and an expansion of medicare. Our problem is NOT RINOs, nor DINOs (Democrats in Name only) nor Republicans, it is those liberal progressives that can make this Obama-care reform pass. The Senate is close to a 2008 victory (not the final victory fortunately.) But it's not too late to have a Democrat meltdown.

Challenge to Progressives : Look! You gave in on single payer, you gave in on abortion (in the House anyway). Now you are giving in on the Public Plan and Medicare expansion ?? Is this what you elected Obama for?? Karl Marx is turning over in his grave. And I am tired of this focus on Leiberman. Your 'chosen one' Obama betrayed you. He so wants a legislative success so bad that he is willing to stab in the back millions of democrat supporters that campaigned for free health care(er Obama.). Corporations have money, banks have money, those evil Republicans have money, take it and give us free health care ! Our stimulus plan worked. We killed millions of jobs as planned and now all the unemployed need free health care. You have no excuses. Stop everything in the Senate and have the House write a Budget Reconciliation bill that requires only 51 votes in the Senate(50 plus VP Biden.). Do it right, not now! We can wait another 6-8 months. Really! We can pass it next October just in time for the election.

To Conservatives : I am getting worried. Some progressives are saying they need to pass anything now and fix it later. They still have a uphill climb, but this was Obama and Reid's plan all along to sell out liberals if need be. The next step (assuming the Senate is successful) is for Pelosi to put the knife in the backs of progressives at conference. It's up to us to encourage our socialist friends to draw the line in the sand for the public plan. We also need to call moderate Dems and tell them to draw the line in the sand, against public plan. Support both sides !

Use this MOST IMPORTANT tool at liberal Firedoglake.com to destroy health reform:
Progressive members of Congress need to draw a line in the sand and demand a public health insurance option -- something 76% of Americans want. We need you to call progressive members of Congress and ask that they 'Take the Pledge' to vote against any health care bill that doesn't have a public plan :Fire dog Lake: tool to get Dems in Congress to draw a line in the sand.

Some liberal supporters of democrat defeat(I hate it when they are upset like this) :

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