Thursday, December 17, 2009

Democrats: 'The Party of No' (to themselves???')

This infighting between democrats is getting out of hand. Now the White House had to suspend it's war on Fox News Channel to attack liberals who are opposing Obama-care. Howard Dean is the new target of the White House attack machine. (At link White House Says Howard Dean’s Arguments Against Democrats’ Health Care Reform ‘Simply Weren’t True,’ Suggests He’s Not Rational)

One of their biggest supporters MSNBC (The Ed Show) Ed Schulz got in a debate with Obama's senior advisor David Axolrod on 'The Morning Joe' show today over the Senate Health Reform bill. On The Ed Show Clinton's Lanny Davis got called a Health insurance company stooge by Firedoglake's Jane Hamsher (Video here) for suggesting that the current Senate bill is better than nothing. Here's a sample of what he got from her:“which drug companies and health corporations are you speaking for when you tout this bill?” “Who’s paying you to be here?”

I am concerned for America folks. Has the Democrat Party become the party of NO to themselves?? Do Democrats want our President to fail? Didnt they tell us that's the same as wanting America to fail? Has MSNBC just become another wing of the evil forces attacking our president to keep him from fixing America's problems? Where is this country headed with all this hate?

Here's a few more left wing hate sources attacking our President : Obama Do You REALLY Want A Healthcare Bill? Democrats' Health `Reform' Bill: Kill It Before It Comes to Life!

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