Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Democrat Underground (DU) Rage, Turning on 'The One' ?? NOOOO!

You know I can tolerate Democrats turning on each other. But I have to draw the line on Obama bashing. He is "the One"! Remember the days in the Spring when Obama's popularity was going to get every thing he wanted passed? What happened to that DU line "It will take eight years to clean up this mess" ? Liberals turning on him in less than 11 months. Does this mean the campaign is over? Hope and Change over yet? If he loses democrats, who is left? (Not me!)

Checkout the goldmine of complaining I found at DU:

The Self-Destruction of Barack Obama

Do you stand with Dr. Dean?(to Kill the Bill?)

This theory I posted on FR since the summer. Many Freepers thought I was crazy :

FEINGOLD: Don't Blame Lieberman-Blame Obama-The Bill Is What "The President Wanted In The 1st Place"

OK, I'm ready to blame Obama

White House Finally Decides to Get Tough on a Political Opponent (our Howard Dean)

Barack Obama, Inc. -Representing Us Or Corporate America? (Huffington Post)

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