Tuesday, December 22, 2009

This Obama-Care Reform Bill Can still be killed

It is not too late to kill this Health Reform bill at Conference. As I have said repeatedly: it’s not the Republicans that have the power, it’s the liberal ‘single payer-public plan-pro-abortion’ progressives (liberals) that do. If you have been following my posts they are hopping mad about being sold out by Obama and the Democrat leadership (and we know how that feels with Republicans.) The bill just about to be passed in the Senate dropped both the public plan and Medicare expansion and has some restrictions on publicly paid abortions opposed by the pro-choice/abortion group. It was passed by bribing certain Senators like Nelson in certain states at the expense of all the others. What should be galling to liberals is that the Senators that got the goodies are the moderate holdouts who made the bill toxic to them.

What opponents of the bill need to do is to contact house members in Democrat states and communicate their outrage, not only at the sellout but at the bribes given to a few moderate states. Ironically, it’s the liberal states that got screwed the most because they not only lost their key socialist demands, but they didn’t get the goodies moderate holdouts got. Now I am not suggesting that we call liberal house members ourselves and pose as democrats (wink,wink). That would be very wrong (wink, wink.) But if someone was to call the Democrat house members (listed at these liberal firedoglake.com links Call Congress: Take the Pledge for the Public Option and Sorry, Can’t Pass Health Care Bill Without A Public Option), the following are things to say if you are a liberal or posing as one for fun (I am not suggesting we do this):

1) This is just a payoff to the health insurance companies who now get taxpayer money and millions of forced customers with no competition. You sold us into slavery to the Health Insurance companies. This is just like TARP!
2) Where is the public plan competition that keeps health insurance companies honest? How much did the insurance companies pay you? Now Obama denies he ever promised a public option when he ran on it in the primary and those videos are being shown on MSNBC.
3) Our state gets ripped off. Senators Nelson (Nebraska) and Landrieu (Louisiana Purchase #2) got huge payoffs for their states. What goodies (for us) did you hold out for? You sold us out for pennies.
4) Why are you taxing my health insurance plan? Obama promised NO middle class tax cuts.
5)This Bill takes away a woman’s right to choose (to have others pay for my abortion.)
6)If I wanted to be sold out to corporations I would have voted for McCain.
7) We will not come out to vote for you in 2010 unless you do us right.

Don't forget to mention that Harry Reid said on camera that any Democrat Senator that didnt hold out for special goodies is a not a good representative.

Reference this video:Harry Reid Slams Foolish Dem Senators Who Did Not Demand Goodies For Their Obamacare Vote

Things Lib’s won’t say to elected liberal Democrats that we would like to say:
1) This is a Government takeover of Health care (because liberals actually want this to happen)
2) This is Socialism, Marxism, communism, Fascism, and evil (liberals don't talk like this)
3) Where was Obama really born??? (I threw this in for fun)

Of course we don’t want moderate democrats to give in to the socialists either. So they must be called too and threatened but with the second list above.

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